Where can I bet on sports in Atlantic City?

Unfortunately sports betting has not yet been legalized in Atlantic City. If you would like to bet on sports online, please try Bovada, America’s most trusted online sportsbook, casino and poker room. (LINK)

In 2011 New Jersey voted to allow sports betting in its racetracks and casinos. Since then most of the casinos in Atlantic City have taken steps to open full sportsbooks. Likewise New Jersey’s racetracks have done the same.

NJ’s effort to legalize sports betting is in direct violation of a federal law that prohibits sports betting in all Casino Compsbut four states. The Professional Amateur Sports Protection Act outlaws sports betting in America with this exception of Nevada, Oregon, Montana and Delaware. The Garden State and its governor Chris Christie have called the law unconstitutional, and vowed to allow sports betting in the state. The Department of Justice (who would be responsible for enforcing the federal ban) has been quite on the subject, but the major sports leagues in the US have not been.

The NFL, NBA, NHL, Major League Baseball and the NCAA have all bound together to sue New Jersey claiming that sports betting will ultimately hurt their sports. First off, sports betting is already legal in four other states, so very little will change if and when it’s legalized in NJ. Secondly, sports betting makes their sports more popular. People are a lot more inclined to watch a football game if they have some money on it. Trust me, I know from personal experience.

By the way Major League Soccer is not a part of this lawsuit. Right now they look like the most fan friendly sports league in America. Let’s show them some support.

moneySports betting could be a make or break issue for Atlantic City. This Eastern American gambling haven has been hurt recently with the opening of casinos in New York, Pennsylvania and Delaware. Before all these other casinos opened, anyone on the Eastern Shore who wanted to gamble would go to AC. That’s not the case anymore. Now PA has casinos within a 45 minute drive of Atlantic City, New York has casinos right outside of Manhattan, and Delaware not only has casinos, they have sports betting too!

Atlantic City’s competition has never been tougher. It’s no wonder that the state is desperate to legalize sports betting. When someone can wager on an NFL game right across the border in Delaware, it’s unfair that the largest gambling city in Eastern America is not allowed to take that action.

This is why New Jersey is fighting to allow sports betting… and I think they should have it. After all Las Vegas has sportsbooks in almost every casino. If anyone really wanted to bet on sports they could simple fly to Vegas or place a bet at anyone of the hundreds sports books online.

I guess the sports leagues in America are worried about gambling because they think that the games can be fixed. Meanwhile sports betting is legal in Nevada, a few other states, Canada and most of Europe too. Anyone who really wanted to fix a sporting event and bet on the outcome has a number of places that will take their action.

The America sports leagues already understand this. I think its public perception that keeps them fighting against Atlantic City. After all once AC gets legalized sports betting, the rest of the country will slowly follow.

I bet that 10 years from now, not only will you be able to bet on the Super Bowl in Atlantic City, but you will be about to bet on March Madness in Chicago and the MLS Cup in Seattle.

So for now, let’s hope that Atlantic City and the State of New Jersey are able to open sportsbooks soon. After all it’s the right thing to do… especially for are city that was recently devastated by super storm Sandy.