Atlantic City Sportsbooks

This is a new site about sportsbooks and sports betting in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Currently sports betting is outlawed in the State of New Jersey by the federal government, but we believe this law will soon be overturned. Once it is the Atlantic City casinos will immediately begin to take bets on sports.

This would be great for Atlantic City and sports bettors on the Eastern coast of the United States. Now instead of having to hop a flight to Las Vegas every time you want to bet on a football game, al you would have to do is head to Atlantic City. AC is about a ½ hour from Philadelphia, 2 hours from New York City and 4 hours from Washington DC. Just think of all the people who would head there for the Super Bowl, especially the last one when the Giants were in it.

March Madness would also bring a lot of people to Atlantic City. I know people who go there every year for this event, and AC doesn’t have any sportsbooks. Once sport betting is legalized in this city, the first weekend of March Madness could be one of their biggest weekends of the year.

The bottom line is that sports betting should be legal in New Jersey soon, and once it is Atlantic City will be a great place to bet on games. We’re really looking forward to the day that AC has sportsbooks!